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Fugawi Utilities and Documentation

The following utilities and documentation are available as free downloads:

Technical Documentation:

Fugawi Data Exchange Guide
Using Fugawi to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks to/from GPS devices and plotters

Fugawi GPS Compatibility Table
A list of GPS receivers which are compatible with Fugawi products.

Fugawi PDA Compatibility Table
A list of Pocket PC and Palm devices which are known to be compatible with Fugawi PDA Edition.

Digital Elevation Data Sources
A listing of free or for purchase sources of digital elevation data for use in Fugawi Global Navigator or Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.

GRIB (Weather Forecast) File Resources
A listing of Internet sources of free GRIB file data.

JPR File Format Documentation
A description of the JPR georeferencing file format for raster format maps.

Defence Mapping Agency
A description of the various map format available to DoD,
its contractors and other Executive Agencies supporting DoD activities

Software Utilities:

Fugawi Flo File Converter
The FloToFpi.exe program is designed to convert your Fugawi World Geographic Names files in FLO format to the new Fugawi Place Names format (FPI extension). FPI format permits fast lookup by name or by category. You will only need to use this converter if you are upgrading from Fugawi GPS Mapping Software Version 3 via web download. If you purchased a retail (boxed) version of Fugawi Global Navigator or Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4, you will not need to use this utility as the Bonus Data Pack DVD includes place name data in the new FPI format. Since the conversion may take awhile, plan to run the conversion when your computer will be free for several hours. The new FPI format is supported by Fugawi version 4 and higher. Detailed instructions can be found in the help file included in the download.

Fugawi ADRG Viewer
The Fugawi ADRG Viewer is licensed without charge to examine ADRG maps.

Fugawi Packbit Tiff Converter
The Fugawi Packbit Tiff Converter will convert raster image files in GIF, TIF, JPG, PCX, PNG and BMP into TIFF files with packed bit compression and 256 colors. This format permits fast loading of maps into Fugawi without memory constraints. In order to run this program you must have enough memory to load the entire uncompressed image and Windows® XP, 2000 or NT 4.

Third Party Device Drivers:

Driver for Fugawi Serial to USB Convertor:

Download the driver for your Fugawi brand USB to Serial convertor.
   - Windows® XP
   - Windows Vista
   - Windows 7
Driver for Garmin USB Receiver Products:
Download the driver for your Garmin 18 or other Garmin USB product.

Driver for Delorme USB Receiver Products:
Download the driver for your Delorme USB product.

Vista NMEA Driver for Magellan eXplorist:
Download the driver to allow NMEA output from your Magellan to be used under Windows Vista operating system. (Scroll to the bottom of the linked page to find the download link.)


Sample Data:

Sample Data Pack
A sample set of charts, streets, elevation data and nautical charts for use with Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4 (Download a 10-day free demo)

Sample AIS file
The included files AIS_USA.FAL and AIS_UK.TXT contain sample AIS log files, which can be used to test the Automatic Identification System (AIS) feature in Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4 software. these files can be opened from the menu ENC|AIS by clicking on the Open Test AIS File button.
(AIS_UK.TXT requires Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.1.7 or later)

Fugawi Tracker 4 Utilities and Technical Documentation

Fugawi Tracker Dongle Installation
Help with installation of the USB Dongle (Software Security Key)

Fugawi Tracker Networking

Describes how to network the Fugawi Tracker 4 database.

Quick Start TCPIP
Describes the Fugawi Tracker 4 TCP/IP protocol.

Quick Start DLL

Describes the External Communication DLL for use with Fugawi Tracker 4.

Fugawi Tracker Simulator (tsim.exe)
A TCP/IP message generator for simulating Assets and testing the Tracker TCP/IP input.

Fugawi Tracker Gateway (ftgateway.exe)
A utility which accepts Amateur Packet Radio sentences via TCP or NavCom NCT SSR sentences via UDP and translates them to Fugawi TCP/IP protocol for input to Fugawi Tracker 4.

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