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Hilton's Realtime-Navigator "Data Link" to iPhone, PC and Mac

NEW: Hilton's Realtime Fishing Charts are now available for iNavX™ App for iPad or iPhone™, Fugawi™ Marine ENC and Geonav MapMaster for PC and MacENC for Mac OS X. Simply purchase a "Data Link" subscription from Fugawi™ X-Traverse. Read on to learn more...or review the FAQ.

NOTE: This product requires that you ALSO have a subscription to the equivalent region from www.Realtime-Navigator.com.

Buy one, get the rest free...When you purchase the X-Traverse link to a single Hilton Region from X-Traverse, you will be given an X-Traverse subscription to all other regions to which you are subscribed at www.Realtime-Navigator.com. (You do not need to purchase each region from X-Traverse, only one.)

Hilton’s Realtime-Navigator.com has pioneered the fish forecasting industry by providing unlimited access to the dynamic imagery that indicate offshore fishing conditions such as sea surface temperature, water color (chlorophyll), altimetry, and surface currents.

This has allowed anglers, by cross-referencing the different data sets, to direct strategies toward areas of greatest fish concentrations (Learn more with the Hilton Tutorial.)

This has resulted not only in increased angling success, but in reduced fuel costs based on the knowledge of where to go before leaving the dock.

Now, through a partnership with Fugawi X-Traverse, Hilton’s subscribers can take the most recent Hilton's fishing charts out on the boat and plot waypoints and navigate using a Fugawi X-Traverse supported navigation software for PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

  • Download up-to-date maps directly from the internet to Fugawi X-Traverse supported software such as the popular Fugawi Marine ENC™ or Geonav MapMaster software for PC, MacENC™ software for Mac OS X and iNavX™ App for iPad, iPhone™ or iPod touch.
  • Simply click one button in your navigation software to download the latest, most up-to-date imagery.
  • Plot waypoints and save tracks in Fugawi Marine ENC or MacENC and transfer them to iNavX software on the iPhone, or vice versa.
  • Navigate using Fugawi Marine ENC, MacENC or iNavX directly on top of the imagery to ensure you pinpoint the exact location of suspected fish concentration.
  • Get access to Hilton’s imagery via iPad or iPhone with iNavX, an approved app on iTunes. The iPhone 3GS and 3G have true satellite GPS embedded, so you don't need to be in cell range to navigate (but you do need to be in cell range to download the imagery before you leave the dock). This is great for center console boaters who don't want to drag a laptop on board. The phone stays nice and dry in your shirt pocket or duffle bag until you need it. Additionally, this is a great safety net in case your electronics go out - you have a complete navigation program in your shirt pocket that will get you home, or on your spot if your electronics fail.

Get Started Now...

Step 1.
Purchase iNavX for your iPad or iPhone
from the Apple App Store using your iTunes account. Click here to purchase. Or purchase Fugawi Marine ENC for PC or MacENC for Mac OS X.

Step 2.
Get your Fugawi X-Traverse subscription ($10) and subscribe to the Hilton Realtime Navigator "Data Link". Click here to subscribe.

Step 3.
Setup your iNavX (or Fugawi Marine ENC or MacENC) by clicking on Setup, then X-Traverse Account. Enter your X-Traverse Email and Password as you chose in Step 2.

Setup your Fugawi software:
- For Fugawi Marine ENC, click Maps|Manage X-Traverse Maps. Enter your X-Traverse Email and Password as you chose in Step 2. From the list of available charts, select your Hilton chart and click the Activate button.

Step 4.
Download your charts directly to iNavX (or Fugawi Marine ENC or MacENC). From the iNavX main menu, select Add More Charts to Menu, then turn ON the Hilton Region`s to which you are subscribed. Now click on the region and select any map to download it directly to your iNavX software. Enjoy.

Download your charts directly to your Fugawi software:
For Fugawi Marine ENC, click Maps|Open Maps. Under the Fugawi Touratel Maps folder, select the Hilton chart and click a desired chart region to download and display it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to also subscribe to the region(s) at www.realtime-navigator.com?
A: Yes, the X-Traverse Data Link to Hilton's Realtime Navigator charts will only work if you also have a subscription to the region(s) at www.realtime-navigator.com

Q: I have subscribed to more than 1 region at www.realtime-navigator.com. Do I need to purchase a separate X-Traverse Data Link for every region to which I am subscribed?
A: No, You only need to purchase the X-Traverse Data Link to Hilton charts once ($99). During the sign up process, you must choose one region to link to. After you are subscribed, send an email to hilton@rt-nav.com requesting that your other regions be linked to X-Traverse.

Q: Can I use the Hilton Data Link as subscribed to from X-Traverse.com in another product, such as Fugawi Marine ENC?
Yes. The Hilton Data Link is compatible with the iNavX App for iPad or iPhone, Fugawi Marine ENC and Geonav MapMaster for PC and MacENC for Mac OS X.

Q: What is the $10 X-Traverse Data 12-Month Account, and can I purchase Hilton Data Link without paying this fee?
The X-Traverse Data 12-Month Account is $10 for a 12-month subscription. It allows for general access to your X-Traverse.com account as well as transferring waypoints and tracks between iNavX, Fugawi Marine ENC or MacENC and your X-traverse.com account. Also, from iNavX you may request GRIB format weather files if you have an active X-Traverse Data Account. The X-Traverse 12-Month Account is a requirement for subscribing to the Hilton Data Link.

Q: Can I see historical charts so I can spot trends in changes in the ocean conditions?
Yes. Fugawi Marine ENC will retain the past 7 days of history for Hilton's charts. You can easily scroll forward and backward in time to spot trends. iNavX will show the most recent snapshot of each chart type by default, but you can choose a previous snapshot (up to 7 days old).

Q: Are other maps and charts available for use in iNavX?
A: Yes. iNavX comes with free access to the complete set of NOAA Raster Navigational Charts® (NOAA RNC). Other select raster charts are available via subscription from X-Traverse.com.

Q: How can I get more help?
For Hilton Realtime-Navigator related questions, email hilton@rt-nav.com or visit www.realtime-navigator.com. For X-traverse related questions, email support@x-traverse.com. For iNavX related questions, email inavx@me.com.


  Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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