Avia Onboard Instrument Software
For NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 Networks

Avia is affordable and versatile Windows® software that brings sophisticated instrumentation to the everyday power boater or sailor.


Avia software receives data from onboard sensors via the industry standard NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000® protocols, and presents the data as crystal-clear analog and digital instruments on your Windows® PC, netbook or tablet, designed with a look and feel familiar to all boaters.

Avia Motor software is designed for the single or multi-engine power boater. Avia Motor supports instrumentation such as tachometers, speed, engine, tank, AC and DC power, and weather instruments, and in the Pro version, twin engine support.

Avia Sail software is perfect for use by all sailors from the coastal cruiser to the performance racer. Avia Sail supports additional instrumentation for sailors such as apparent and true wind speed, real-time current, heel angle, and in the Pro version, real-time wind/polar plots.

Optimized for netbook, tablet or laptop
Avia software runs perfectly using a Windows netbook, tablet or laptop computer. We recommend Windows 7, but Windows Vista and XP SP 3 also work well. Large, clear and scalable graphics and buttons ensure easy viewing and data input, even while on a rolling and pitching sailboat!

Connections to NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000
Connect your on-board sensors using standard NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000

Supports industry leading sensors
Avia Sail accepts all leading marine sensors via NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 such as Airmar depth-sounders and wind/weather devices, such as the Airmar PB200, which provides True Wind, Apparent Wind, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Wind Chill, WAAS / EGNOS GPS, 3-Axis Compass, and 3-Axis Accelerometer.

Avia Lite or Pro?

Both Avia Motor and Avia Sail are available in Lite and Pro versions.

The Lite version includes a single simplified dashboard and is quick to configure.

The Pro version includes:

  • More advanced instruments (such a real-time polar instrument for Avia Sail or twin-engine tachometers for Avia Motor)
  • Customizable dashboard layouts
  • Instrumentation overlay with Fugawi Global Navigator or other third party navigation software products.
  • Network connectivity to multiple displays

Network enabled
Avia Motor Pro and Avia Sail Pro are network-enabled applications, allowing you to have multiple displays, so you can have your instruments shown at the navigation station and at the helm or even at multiple screens for the helmsman wanting to see a wide selection of instruments. The Pro versions will also output NMEA 0183 data to one or two com ports (NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 input data are multiplexed for output), or via WiFi for connectivity with the compatible iNavX marine navigation application for iPhone or iPad.

Instrumentation overlay
Avia Motor Pro and Avia Sail Pro can be configured to 'float' on your navigation software window, so you can configure a dashboard that exactly meets your needs.

Connects to iNavX for iPhone, iPad
Avia Motor Pro and Avia Sail Pro include a TCP/IP server to send NMEA 0183 data via WiFi to the iNavX App for iPhone and iPad. Now you can see many of the Avia instruments directly in iNavX.

More Information

  • Free Avia Demo:
    Try out a fully functional version of Avia Motor or Avia Sail on your own computer, at home (in demo mode) or onboard with real data. Experience it on and off the water for as long as you need before you purchase. The unlicensed versions are fully functioning Avia Motor Pro or Avia Sail Pro with one limitation — they will only run for 10 minutes when connected to a live instrument feed.
  • Avia Motor Demo
  • Avia Sail Demo
  • Avia Motor User Guide
  • Avia Sail User Guide
  • Become a Dealer

Avia Lite vs. Pro Feature Comparison

{s} = Avia Sail Only
{m} = Avia Motor Only

  Avia Lite Avia Pro

Basic screen for the casual power boater {m} or cruising sailor {s}

yes yes
Large digital readouts for key instruments
yes yes
Single-engine tachometer {m} yes yes
Twin-engine tachometers {m} no yes
Multiple tanks {m} no yes
Large combined wind/polar display {s} no yes
Custom screen (floating instruments) no yes
NMEA 2000 input (via optional Actisense NGT-1-USB gateway) yes yes
NMEA 0183 input — up to to 3 ports yes yes
NMEA 0183 output — up to to 2 ports (for sharing data with charting apps, or out to NMEA 0183 devices such as a DSC radio) no yes
iNavX for iPhone and iPad repeater output no yes
Demo mode yes yes
Standalone mode yes yes
Master/slave mode no yes
Unlimited slave computers (repeaters) on network no yes
GPS or heading compass yes yes
Boat speed from GPS and/or speed through water yes yes
Wind speed and direction — apparent and true yes yes
Depth graph yes yes
Current display yes yes
Real-time polar plot {s} no yes
Night mode yes yes
Where are We? button yes yes
Calibration for speed, wind direction, heading yes yes
Race start timer {s} yes yes
Choice of fonts yes yes
Choice of dashboard textures yes yes
More than 20 different instruments from which to choose no yes
TouchZoom feature for to enlarge wind quadrant {s} yes yes
Easy calibration for wind direction, boat speed, and compass heading
no yes
Integrate with most navigation software packages, such as Fugawi Global Navigator* no yes