The Bruce Trail App


Technical Note (Oct 2017): We are receiving reports of errors in iOS 11. We are investigating; but, for now, we are not recommending that users upgrade to iOS 11 if they wish to use the BTC App


About the Bruce Trail App

Plan, track, and log your hikes on Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath with this easy-to-use, official Bruce Trail App. Carry the most up-to-date Bruce Trail information with you on your day-hikes or long-distance adventures on the Niagara Escarpment.

Don't have internet while out on the trail? No problem, the Bruce Trail App allows you to download and save maps in advance so when you're out on a hike you don't have to be worried about connecting to the internet to see where you're going.

The Bruce Trail App features:

  • Parking lots & Campgrounds: Tap any parking or camping icon to reveal more details including lat/long coordinates, id#, capacity and fees charged (if any).
  • Explore the Did You Know? section for news and tidbits about the Trail
  • Find useful information about the Bruce Trail, Blazes, the Bruce Trail Users' Code, and the topo map legend in an easy reference menu.
  • Camera feature: Take photos along your hike and see them plotted on the Trail
  • Photo sharing: Share your hike and photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Email or Text Message and more directly from the app
  • Scale bar: Automatically resizes as you zoom in and out
  • Side Trails: These diversions from the main Trail are shown with dashed red lines (iOS) or solid blue lines (Android). Tap on a Side Trail to see its name and distance.
  • And more (see description in iTunes App Store  or in the Google Play Store for details)


Frequently Asked Questions about The Bruce Trail App

Where do the proceeds go?

Proceeds from app sales will go to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to support our trail development and conservation work.

The BTC is excited to partner with Fugawi Software in the development of this App, making this complex project possible.

Will you have a version for Android / Blackberry / GPS devices?

Android: It's here!  Android users need wait no longer. Buy it today on Google Play >>>

BlackBerry and GPS handheld devices: No. We do not currently have plans to develop an app for BlackBerry or a product for GPS handheld devices.  Although BlackBerry 10 users can access Anrdoid apps via Amazon, Android for Blackberry apps are not supported officially by Google, and so the Google Maps Android API on which the Bruce Trail App is based will not work.

Does The Bruce Trail App work without cell / internet service?

Yes - The Bruce Trail App will work without internet/wifi service.

Of course, you'll need an internet connection to download the App and the most recent maps and trail data. But, once you've done that at home, you can head out on the Trail with the details cached on your device.

Location functions and tracking will also work without internet/wifi connection (although they work better with it). You'll need your "Location Services" turned on (found in your phone's "Settings") to use this GPS functionality.

If your mobile device does not have GPS functionality (e.g. iPod Touch), you will still be able to use the app and see the trail on Bruce Trail topo maps. But you will not be able to see your location on the Trail nor will you be able to use the tracking function. You may wish to purchase an external GPS receiver for your device in order to take advantage of all the functionality.

App Function Works without internet Requires internet
Bruce Trail
topographic maps
(Download all maps while connected and the details will be cached on your device for use on the Trail.)
Google or Apple Map background   x
GPS Function
(e.g. find your location; track your hike)
(Your phone will use GPS satellites and/or wi-fi hotspots and/or internet connection to determine your location. GPS function may not work in some of the more remote areas of the trail.)
Photo taking x  
Photo sharing   x
Search for locations   x
Calculate distances x  
Parking & Campground info x  


How will Trail changes be handled?

Trail changes will be incorporated into the App as they are made in the BTC's records. When a user has cellular or Wi-Fi access, and opens The Bruce Trail App, the latest Trail data can be downloaded.

Why are there no kilometre markings on the Trail or parking areas as there are in the Bruce Trail Reference Guide?

The Bruce Trail App contains the most up-to-date Trail data. Since Trail changes are fairly frequent, for every trail change, kilometre markers ‘downstream' of a trail change are immediately affected (within that Club section of trail). So kilometre markings would continuously change, and would not match what is found in the Bruce Trail Reference Guide.

To avoid confusion we have incorporated:

  • Distance measuring tool (the 'ruler' icon) so that you can measure distances at any point along the Trail.
  • Parking information including a Parking ID and Lat/Long coordinates. Tap on the Parking symbol then on the ">" for more details