Attention EMU-1 Users!


Date: 2017-03-01

Actisense is on an unrelenting mission to make their products easier to install and use by improving understanding of them.
If you are currently using an EMU-1 with a gauge that is from a manufacturer not listed on the current compatibility list, and the results you’re seeing are accurate, we want to know about it! If you don’t know what the compatibility list looks like, you will find it here:
You will notice that most of the gauges on that list are VDO. However, this doesn’t mean that if the manufacturer of your gauge is not listed that it won’t work with the EMU-1. The reason for this is that the majority of gauges on the market operate in the same way as VDO gauges, even if they don’t have ‘VDO’ printed on the front.
To help potential users understand this we will be compiling a database of gauges that are not on our compatibility list but operate accurately with one of the options already available in the Actisense Toolkit.
So if this sounds like something that exists in your setup, please contact stating:
  • The manufacturer (Murphy, Yamaha, Veethree etc.)
  • The range of values (40 to 140 degrees C, 0 to 5 Bar etc)
  • The gauge option you have selected to successfully configure your EMU-1 with
This database will be made publicly available to help users choose which option they should select in the Actisense Toolkit when configuring their EMU-1.