The EMU-1 and engine gauges use the same power supply.


February 1, 2016

Based on customer feedback, this combination of network and hardware operates well for sending NMEA 0183 navigation data to iNavX.


September 15, 2015

One way to format is using the SD card association's formatter utility at https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4


August 31, 2015

PDF document covers: differences between NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000; using a multiplexer to join instruments and sensors to NMEA 2000; using an individual adapter per device; SeaTalk NG to NMEA 2000 cabling; PC software interfacing with NMEA 0183.


September 18, 2015

Use the EMU-1 Configuration Tool to inform the NMEA 2000 network of the PGN instances you have designated for each EMU-1 device on the network.

July 22, 2015

As the Actisense NGW-1 firmware is revised over time, the NMEA conversions it is able to do expand; see the lastest conversions documentation at http://www.actisense.com/products/nmea-2000/ngw-1/downloads-ngw1

May 26, 2015

Actisense EMU-1 (firmware verfsion v0.070), when connected to a petrol engine, needs the tach inputs originating at the alternator.

May 26, 2015

Mouting screws and pluggable screws are used for the EMU-1's physical connections. An option rail mounting is available.

July 22, 2015

Exact details of wiring a given NMEA 0183 product to a computer's DB-9 serial port may vary, but diagrams in this article are a useful guide for improvising your wiring plan.


August 31, 2015

NGW-1-ISO-AIS units will convert the core AIS data received via radio but does not convert DSC sentences.


August 31, 2015

Actisense DST-2 features and notes on the DST Smart Calibration Utility.


September 9, 2015

A DST-2's output of temperature and speed may be tested using an Actisene USG-1 connection to NMEA Reader on a Windows computer.


August 31, 2015

The Bad Elf product user guide describes how to pair the GPS module with an iOS device. This article slightly expands on those steps.


December 9, 2015

Information about how best to connect NMEA 0183 or 2000 to a computer.


September 29, 2015

To see the Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 Device Manager, press the Windows logo key + X, then click Device Manager. The Ports (COM & LPT) branch (if present) lists various serial communications ports (physical or virtual) listed by number and with names that often indicate what hardware the port is communicating with.


April 20, 2017

This solution really applies to nearly any app you may wish to find and download from the iTunes App Store. However, being able to get an app at all depends on having a goof functioning Apple iTunes Store account with a known User ID, an adequate Internet connection, and perhaps other factors. If you cannot create or cannot login to a iTunes Store account, or having problems using the store, then you probably need to get help from Apple at: https://www.apple.com/lae/support/itunes/.


July 26, 2016

Get the ConnectScale app in the iTunes Store, under the Sports category. Once it is installed, go to the iOS Settings icon to turn on Bluetooth for the device. After that, enter the ConnectSacle app's Settings section, scroll down to the Bluetooth row, and tap to search for the the ConnectScale hardware (assumed to be turned on at this moment).


August 2, 2016