Windows Smartscreen security prevents download and install of software -- How to unblock an .EXE file -- Fugawi Marine 5

Article FF12904, February 12, 2016

The Windows SmartScreen filter needs some confirmation from you that permits the installation of software. 


Microsoft Windows has various anti-malware facilities that are generally valuable for customers but may sometimes give "false positives", flagging a given software download as potentially dangerous / risky. Among other factors, the Windows security algorithms guess a file's safety based on how well known a given software title and publisher is and what file server the installer file is hosted on. However, the security system may make a wrong judgement call thus blocking otherwise normal legitimate software from installation.

There are a few ways to bypass a false positive; use any method below that is appropriate to your situation. If you have any additional non-Microsoft security / anti-malware utilities that might block Fugawi Marine 5 from download or install, consult the help materials of that utility to disable any such blocks.


Method 1: Windows 10 simple method

When you see a Windows 10 computer invoke SmartScreen prevention, it is not something to be alarmed about in every case. You can trust the Fugawi Marine 5 software installer even if Windows throws up a caution about it. Click the small More info link in the dialog box. Then click the Run anyway button.

Windows 10 protection dialog blocking install of Fugawi 5 EXE file

The Fugawi Marine 5 installer should now proceed as expected. If any additional error messages appear, quote the error and email it to


Method 2: Manual unblock of file (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)

Depending on what web browser you use, you may get a caution about the FugawiMarine5.exe download file, prompting you for an assessment of potential harm. This is merely a generic error, a best guess erring on the side of caution. No need to worry about the Fugawi Marine 5 .EXE installer file, it is safe and standard, nothing that will harm any computer. In the example below, the Keep button is clicked to allow the file to remain on the computer's hard drive. The exact message your web browser gives may vary but the essential options are the same: retain the file you downloaded or let Windows discard it; you want to let the file save.

Fugawi web site download page gives web browser caution about download

Once the fugawimarine5.exe file is downloaded and saved to your hard drive, it is most likely under your Downloads folder.  (If you see a "1" or "2" or higher numbers appended to the fugawimarine5 base name, that merely means you downloaded the file multiple times. Use the most recently dated download.)

Mouse right-click the fugawimarine5.exe file and from the context menu select Properties. This shows a dialog box with many features, but you need to find only one thing: the Unblock option .

Right click to Properties and then unblock the file

In Windows 10, there is a check mark box in the lower-right for Unblock. On earlier versions of Windows there is a button for Unblock. Either way, select to disable the restriction Windows associated with the file, click Apply, then OK.

Now when you run the Fugawi .EXE installer, the software should install normally. Some minor user account confirmation prompts may appear, to which you respond positively.


Method 3: Disable SmartScreen temporarily

Microsoft provides background information and instructions on how to disable (at least temporarily) the SmartScreen Filter feature.

See Microsoft's web site at:

A variant way of turning off SmartScreen is through the Control Panel:

  1. Click the Control PanelSystem and SecurityAction Center.
  2. In the Security section scroll down to the category Change Windows SmartScreen settings.
  3. Select the option Don't do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen).

Either way, once the SmartScreen filter is disabled, go to the and download either the paid version of the software from:

... or a Demonstration (free try-out) version from: