Welcome to the Fugawi.com Software Center. This section has been designed to educate new users as well as experienced users about the growing number of software options available for marine navigation today.

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Mobile Navigation

Currently the most popular method of navigating on the water is mobile navigation. Mobile navigation refers to any app that can be used on either a smartphone or tablet. We highly recommend new users to start here as adopting mobile technology is a lot easier than most other platforms. Mobile applications also tend to be a lot cheaper and easier to maintain than using PC/Mac based applications or Chartplotter based systems. The top apps that we recommend customers start with are:


The iNavX is one of the longest running marine navigation apps on the iTunes store. It allows you to not only view your charts, plan your waypoints, routes and tracks and navigate on the water but it also allows you to connect wirelessly to the onboard network on your boat to receive instrumentation data in the app such as AIS, Sonar and Engine data. iNavX also allows you to use a variety of Raster and Vector charts that are made available via the Fugawi.com store. The iNavX app is currently only available only on the iTunes store.


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Navionics Boating / Navionics Boating HD™

The Navionics boating is one of the most popular mobile navigation apps available for mobile devices, primarily because of the high quality vector chart data from Navionics. This app will allow you to view your charts, plan waypoints, routes and tracks and also offers a dock-to-dock auto routing system. The app is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.


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PC Navigation Software

PC navigation software is the preferred choice of more experienced boaters who like to make use of the keyboard and mouse on laptop or desktop computers to do more accurate planning. While PC navigation is still popular among a wide variety of boaters they tend to be a bit harder to maintain since PCs are not designed for the harsh marine environments and are not as portable as a tablet or smartphone. At Fugawi we recommend making use of PCs for planning at home and transferring the data to smart devices or chartplotters for navigation on the water. Our top recommended apps for PC systems are:

For more information on the Coastal Explorer. Please click here.


MacENC™ is the professional solution for the mariner that wants to take the Mac aboard for real-time display of position on the vector format S-57/S-63 ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts), Navionics Charts and HotMaps from X-Traverse AND raster format BSB and Softcharts. Plug your GPS into your Mac and watch as your vessel moves along in real-time, plotting a track behind and logging a historic position on a seamless quilted digital chart.

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