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Network enabled AIS receiver for base station operation. Simple RJ45 network interface and USB too. Perfect for use with Marine Traffic or AIS Live

AISnet+ is a new enhanced version of our popular AISnet AIS base station receiver.

Entry level AIS Transponder with industry standard NMEA0183 interface and internal GPS antenna that makes installation aboard smaller fibreglass (GRP) boats much quicker an...

"An easy to install Class B AIS transponder with plug 'n play NMEA 2000 interface. Built in GPS antenna and ideal for use on smaller yachts and boats like RIBs and center c...

The new AIT3000 “Nucleus” Class B AIS is a Class B transponder that also acts as an antenna splitter allowing the VHF antenna on the boat to be shared with the AIS and VHF.

Powerful modular marine PC system for navigation, communication and entertainment applications on board pleasure and commercial vessels.

The CLA1000 from Digital Deep Sea is a fully approved, Class A transponder that meets all IMO requirements

“The perfect low cost entry level AIS Receiver for the new breed of small NMEA2000 chart plotters”

Combination NMEA and USB connections for PC and plotter based systems. Also features NMEA input and inbuilt multiplexer

This value priced, entry level AIS receiver is Digital Yacht’s most cost effective solution for adding AIS to your boat

This value priced, entry level AIS receiver is Digital Yacht’s most cost effective solution for getting AIS on your PC

“Combination AIS/VHF and GPS antenna for Class B transponders which makes for a super quick and high performance installation”

The ultra-compact AIT2000 class B transponder uses the latest AIS transponder technology to maximize performance and interfacing options in a small form factor.

“The AIS Smart Antenna — Mount ‘n connect AIS sensor with integrated antenna. Standard NMEA plotter compatible output” Perfect “all in one”

A super compact, ultra reliable marine PC with powerful 5th generation Intel processor, solid state hard drive and direct DC operation – ideal for use with demanding 3D nav...