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Internet range extender for connecting to open Wi-Fi access point in distant harbours or bandwidth sharing Wifi. Easy to connect to any computer or router with an ethernet ...

The Rogue Wave by Wave WiFi is an ultra-small, compact Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter with output power of an incredible 800mW

Wave WiFi Marine Broadband Routers are cost-effective broadband source selectors suitable for sport fisherman or megayachts.

Wave WiFi’s EC-ER and EC-AP-ER produce a whopping 800mW of output power providing extended range connections to good quality HotSpots.

Wave WiFi’s EC-HP and EC-AP-HP produce the highest allowable output power of 1 Watt providing long-range connections to good quality HotSpots.

The Yacht AP from Wave WiFi addresses the need for an easy to install and configure Wifi Access Point on both large and small vessels