Fugawi Marine 5 Download Version

Fugawi Marine 5 leads the way for a new generation of navigation software with an intuitive feel, modern design and support for GPS, AIS, Weather and Engine instruments.

USD $299.99

Current Version :

Software Feature Overview

  • New full screen instrument dashboard display for sail boats, single engine and dual engine motor boats.(NEW)
  • NMEA0183/2K Log Data Simulator (NEW)
  • Automatic port detection system for rapid connectivity (NEW)
  • Multi-chart display in Tile or Tab Views.
  • Quilted raster charts.
  • Intuitive chart rotations with course-ahead/course-up views.
  • Quilted Navionics charts with vibrant color palette matching chartplotter views.
  • Support for query features in S-57 and Navionics charts.
  • Custom depth contours for shallow or deep areas on vector charts.
  • Customize units for soundings on vector charts.
  • Tides and currents tables in Navionics charts.
  • Vibrant weather overlays of free or premium GRIB data.
  • Integrated support for automatic download of NOAA charts.
  • Support for multiple GPS devices through NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and more!

Data Library & Formats

  • Save an unlimited number waypoints, routes, and tracks.
  • Support for creating waypoints, routes, and tracks graphically or manual input of coordinates.
  • Customize data with different icons, line styles, audio, and pictures.
  • File types supported:
    • GPX, KMZ, Lowrance .USR (version 3, 4, 5), Raymarine .FSH,
    • Direct NMEA 0183 transfer,
    • Direct WiFi connection to Raymarine® e- and c- series MFDs, and
    • Direct cable connection to Raymarine SeaTalk hs networks.

Instrument Panel

  • GPS compass (COG, SOG, CTS, XTE).
  • Speedometer (Avg. speed, Max speed, trip distance).
  • Wind measurements (AWS, AWA, TWS, VMG).
  • Depth graph and water temperature.
  • Barograph (Records atmospheric pressure difference over time in a graphical format
  • Navigation info centre (CTS, DTG, ETA, TTG, XTE, SMG)

Weather Overlays

  • Premium weather data by Theyr via X-Traverse.com
  • Usable with Free Grib Data files from Grib.US


If you are a current user of Fugawi Marine 5 and wish to update to the latest version. Please refer to our Fugawi Marine 5 download page.

If you own a previous generation of Fugawi software, you maybe entitled for a discounted upgrade. Please refer to our Fugawi Marine 5 Upgrade page for more details.

Supported Chart Formats

  • Raster (BSB V4) and Navionics Gold and Navionics HotMaps charts from Fugawi's X-Traverse cloud service.
  • All Navionics* cards manufactured after April 2010.
  • S-57 charts** (NOAA ENC™, Army Corps iENC).
  • S-63 charts (requires user permit).
  • BSB version 1-5 (inc. NOAA RNC™, Fugawi, Blue Latitude Press, Wavey line, Solteknik, etc...)
  • Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Charts via X-traverse***
  • BSB/EAP (nv-charts***).

*Satellite Imagery in Navionics Platinum+ cards and Community edit layers are currently not supported
**UKHO S-57 and Hilton charts to be supported after release.
***Please note CHS charts via DVD's are not supported currently.
**** NV-Charts that use a Dongle are not currently supported.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/ 8.1, Windows 10 (preferred).
  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution display or better (graphics accelerator recommended).
  • Minimum 2048MB RAM (8192MB recommended).
  • 250MB allocated to software. Additional space will be required for charts.
  • USB port(s) for GPS and other data inputs.
  • Internet connection required for some features (E.g. activating the software, using various cloud services, etc...)

Fugawi Marine 5 User Manual

Fugawi Marine 5 Current Release

The Fugawi team recommends the following add-ons with the Fugawi Marine 5.

Actisense NGT -1


The Actisense NGT-1 is used for converting NMEA 2000 Data to serial data data for connecting to a PC. This converter is essentialfor  people trying to connect NMEA2000 devices or a NMEA2000 network to their PC and getting the data into Fugawi Marine 5 or  other PC based applications.