Fugawi Marine 5 Download Version

As of August 22nd, 2017 we have ceased sales of Fugawi Marine 5 software.The product is now officially discontinued. Thank you for your support.

USD $229.00

NOTICE: We no longer sell or support Fugawi Marine 5 software.

This page remains in place to allow download  of the last release version of Fugawi Marine 5. However technical support related to this product, or help with upgrading or installing this product is no longer available.

We thank our Fugawi software customers for their patronage over the past 20 years and encourage them to catch the new wave of mobile app navigation.


Information on product retirement

  • You may continue to run Fugawi Marien ENC on Windows 8.1 or Wndows 10 computers but you need to set the Fugawi Marine 5.exe file to run permanently in Administrator Mode, otherwise software activation and other features will likely fail. 
  • License resets for the purpose of installing on replacement computers continues to be available at present, final cessation of license resets is pending. Customers requesting a license reset must email (not phone) to software@fugawi.com and provide their product key and serial code. We will not take phone requests for license resets due to security reasons. Manual software activation is no longer performed by phone either, only via email. If you have lost your product key and/or serial code expect a search for your license data to take up to 3 business days, no expediated reply service applies.
  • No upgrade path exists in the Fugawi product range, including the retired Fugawi Marine 5 software. We recommend searching the Internet for Windows based marine navigation or land navigation software; or, better yet, adopt iOS or Android navigation software for which Fugawi sells downloadable charts.
  • Fugawi Marine 5 no longers supports the Maptech SDK. Due to licensing restrictions we can no longer distribute the Maptech SDK. Customers who use older versions of the Fugawi Marine 5 software are advised to backup any downloaded installation files for their own personal use before upgrading to the final Fugawi Marine 5 version. Please note that BSB charts (Including Maptech) generally remain compatible with Fugawi  Marine 5 but the software no longer uses the Maptech SDK to read the BSB charts; the consequence is that some variant BSB charts depending on the Maptech SDK are unable to import into Fugawi Marine 5.  If your charts are no longer supported in the final version of Fugawi, we cannot provide an earlier version.
  • Current and Final Version (no technical support): Version -- click the DOWNLOADS TAB button (above) to save the installer file to your hard drive.

Software Feature Overview

  • Full screen instrument dashboard display for sail boats, single engine and dual engine motor boats
  • NMEA0183/2K Log Data Simulator 
  • Automatic port detection system for rapid connectivity 
  • Multi-chart display in Tile or Tab Views
  • Quilted raster charts
  • Intuitive chart rotations with course-ahead/course-up views
  • Quilted Navionics charts with vibrant color palette matching chartplotter views
  • Support for query features in S-57 and Navionics charts
  • Custom depth contours for shallow or deep areas on vector charts
  • Customize units for soundings on vector charts
  • Tides and currents tables in Navionics charts
  • Vibrant weather overlays of free or premium GRIB data
  • Integrated support for automatic download of NOAA charts
  • Support for multiple GPS devices through NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and more

Data Library & Formats

  • Save an unlimited number waypoints, routes, and tracks
  • Support for creating waypoints, routes, and tracks graphically or manual input of coordinates
  • Customize data with different icons, line styles, audio, and pictures
  • File types supported:
    • GPX, KMZ
    • Direct NMEA 0183 transfer

Instrument Panel

  • GPS compass (COG, SOG, CTS, XTE)
  • Speedometer (Avg. speed, Max speed, trip distance)
  • Wind measurements (AWS, AWA, TWS, VMG)
  • Depth graph and water temperature
  • Barograph (Records atmospheric pressure difference over time in a graphical format
  • Navigation info centre (CTS, DTG, ETA, TTG, XTE, SMG)

AIS Panel

  • Automatic identifcation System allows tracking of multiple vessels within range using a compatible NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 AIS device
  • Supports detailed information of vessels including Vessel Name, Cargo, Range, Bearing, ETA, Status etc.
  • Supports vessel path predicition and history
  • Supports a collision detection system that warns users of an imminent collision with a nearby vessel

Weather Overlays

  • Usable with Free Grib Data files from Grib.US

Supported Chart Formats

  • S-57 charts (NOAA ENC™, Army Corps iENC).
  • S-63 charts (requires user permit).
  • BSB version 1-4 (inc. NOAA RNC™, Fugawi, Blue Latitude Press, Wavey line, Solteknik, etc...)
  • BSB/EAP (nv-charts*).

NV-Charts that use a Dongle are not currently supported.

Fugawi Marine 5 supports charts and other content from the following brands:

  • NV Charts
  • Explorer Charts
  • Solteknik
  • Blue Latitude Press
  • TrakMaps
  • WaveyLine

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/ 8.1, Windows 10 (preferred).
  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution display or better (graphics accelerator recommended).
  • Minimum 2048MB RAM (8192MB recommended).
  • 250MB allocated to software. Additional space will be required for charts.
  • USB port(s) for GPS and other data inputs.
  • Internet connection required for some features (E.g. activating the software, using various cloud services, etc...)

Fugawi Marine 5 Current Release

Fugawi Marine 5 User Manual