Sea-Tags Wristband

Sea-Tagsā„¢ is a MOB alarm system that works with an mobile app to notify people of a MOB situation

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The Sea-Tags wristbands are MOB alarm systems that continuously send a signal to one or more smartphones equipped with the Sea-Tags app. When a device is submerged in water, the communication is lost and all smartphones currently monitoring it will trigger an alarm and save the GPS position at the time of the incident.

Moreover, it is possible to configure the app in order to send a text message to an emergency contact (friend or family). If a MOB alarm is triggered, the smartphone left on board, will send a text message to the emergency contact with the GPS position of the boat when the signal was lost. The emergency contact can then start calling the Sea-tag user or contact emergency services and give them the last known GPS location.

After an alarm is triggered, the Sea-Tags app continuously displays the boat position, as well as the direction and distance that separates it from the point where the communication with the device was first lost.

The app also includes a manual MOB alert and allows the user to easily contact emergency services.

Download the Sea-Tags app, pair you beacon using the QR code, start monitoring and you are good to go!

Beacon :

  •   Width: 36 mm
  •   Lenght : 32 mm
  •   Thickness : 9 mm
  •   Weight: 13 grammes
  •   Battery : CR2032 - 3Volts
  •   Battery Life (continuous emission) : 600 hours
  •   Auto Off: The accelerometer inside Sea-Tags smart wristband detects movements and will turn it off to save battery life after 6 hours of inactivity
  •   Maximum Distance: 100 meter in an open environment
  •   Typical Range: 40 to 80 meters
  •   Frequency of signal : 4  per second
  •   Waterproof : IP67