Fugawi Aboard USA - quilted NOAA raster charts

On-demand download-only quilted raster charts of the USA coastal areas and Great Lakes

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About Fugawi Aboard USA

Exclusive to iNavX (minimum version 5.0.5) users with a one year download subscription to the Fugawi Aboard USA NOAA product: complete coverage of NOAA raster charts quilted together in seamless, contiguous regions! As you zoom and pan among different areas of NOAA chart coverage, the adjacent charts at the appropriate scale are downloaded and stored in memory for future offline use.

Gone are the days of hunting down chart IDs, scrolling through chart names, or even thinking about adjacent charts. Simply zoom in to the chart you want to view. Query the seamless chart to examine the underlying chart number, title, and depth units.


How to download and view the quilted charts

  1. If you have not already done so, buy or update the iNavX app for iOS within your iTunes account or iNavX for Android via the Google Play store These instructions assume iNavX version 5.0.5 or (preferably) higher for iOS. The method is for iNavX for Android are similar.
  2. Purchase this seamless chart into your Fugawi account. (You may also buy this as an in-app purchase within iNavX.)
  3. In iNavX, start on the world chart screen. Tap the Charts menu (upper-left corner) and then the Account button. Enter your Fugawi.com account's Email and case sensitive Password. Tap Login to return to the charts screen.
  4. Under the My Charts tab, select this Fugawi Aboard title.
  5. Tap on the Quilted Charts text row near the top of the screen. (Note: there are no individual stand-alone charts for this collection.)
  6. Initially, you may see a gray empty grid which may be centered on your current GPS position. Finger drag to pan around the screen until you see an area you wish to view. Zoom in or out by gesturing with your thumb and forefinger: spread fingers apart to zoom in, pinch fingers together to zoom out. After a brief wait, tiles of raster chart content download and display. Areas bounded by red polygon / rectangles where there is meaningful charting data to view, and you may see additional red polygons come into view as you zoom deeper into the quilted charts.
  7. When you have no Internet connection, iNavX displays whatever chart content at whatever scale you downloaded in the past. If there are gaps between chart areas and scales (ie. blank gray grid) that simply means nothing was downloaded for that segment in the past and you will need to wait until you have Internet access again to download the gaps.


Additional notes on usage

  • This chart collection is a seamless continuous "quilted" (seamless) set of USA ocean coastal waters built from individual raster charts. You will need an Internet connection to download a stream of quilted chart tiles (chunks of chart data) for whatever areas you pan / zoom into. All charts at a given scale are cached in the device's memory so you can continue to use them offline. While at home, with a good Internet connection, download all chart areas at all scales you anticipate needing.
  • In iNavX for iOS (as of version 5.1.1) there is no option to batch download everything of a named US state or other large pre-defined regions... simply download on-demand, fetch only the areas you actually need. iNavX on Android has a whole-area download option in the context menu system.
  • Tip for chart planning usage on GPS enabled iOS devices: The Settings gear-wheel icon at the upper-right corner of any chart has an option for Pos Icon Loc (position icon at location). This may be set to None to ensure the currently viewed chart area remains visible instead of auto-jumping to another chart at your current GPS position. When you do need GPS actively showing your boat's movements over a chart, set Pos Icon Loc back to CTR (center).
  • Any individual numbered NOAA chart is represented by a thin red rectangle. To load / view an individual chart: tap the chart's red rectangle, select the NOAA chart title from the pop-over menu, and answer Yes to the download prompt. To return to the seamless chart: tap the back-arrow button to get to the main listing of charts; then, near the top of the list, tap Tiled Chart (older versions of iNavX display "00002_2 Tiled Chart"). (Deprecated information, no longer describes app functionality as of 2018)
  • To clear the cache tap the "i" (information) button in the lower-right corner of the chart; then tap the action button in the upper-left corner and select Remove Chart.
  • If you need reliable GPS positioning data streaming into any model of iPhone or iPad (especially Wi-Fi only iPad models), we recommend investing in the Bad Elf GPS Pro+.
  • After the expiration of the one year subscription enabling downloads of quilted charts, whatever you have downloaded in the past is expected to stay in iNavX's cache of memory for the indefinite future, allowing continued access to the chart areas and scales you have viewed in the past; only updated chart content or never-downloaded chart areas will be halted. Renewing this Fugawi Aboard subscription allows downloading to happen again.